Meet our Horses

'Freddie' - Westfalen Gelding - For Pleasure x Landadel

' Freddie' - 8 year Dark Bay Imported Westfalen Warmblood Gelding
This gelding is bred from the best! For Pleasure x Landadel pedigree. Imported as a 3 year old from Germany. He LOVES to get to work. This horse is the first to the front of his stall to be ridden.

His Sire: 'For Pleasure' is a Hanoverian horse who competed in international show jumping under riders Lars Nieburg and Marcus Ehning. He won an Olympic gold medal twice. He won numerous Grand Prix events during his unusually long career, from which he was retired in 2006 at the age of 20.
His Dam Sire: 'Landadel' - Stallion test winner Medingen 1985. His offspring won more than 5 million D-Mark in prizes. Landadel was the number one stallion in breeding in 1991 and 1992.

'For Pleasure' winning his second Olympic Medal
'Landadel' number 1 breeding stallion two years in a row

Teaching a young stallion to move forward off the rider's leg and accept rein contact

First jumping attempts with a young horse

Ginnie - Hanoverian - Imported Main Mare Book

'Ginnie' - Imported Main Mare Book Hanoverian. Excellent schoolmaster. She has been shown 3'9'' jumpers and Dressage up to 3rd level. Very patient teacher. 16.3 hands. Ginnie was imported in 2005 from Northern Germany. She has been a part of the family for a long time and is a reliable, hard worker. She is the proud mama of an Iberian Warmblood colt, Gitane.

Ginnie's Sire - Gloster at his inspection in Germany

Gitane`- Iberian Warmblood - Hanoverian x Lusitano

Gitane` 3 year old Hanoverian x Lusitano Stallion

Gitane` - Ginnie's beautiful colt just turned 3 and is ready to start his career under saddle! This is one of his first rides. He is a 16.1 hand and growing stallion with lots of jumping potential. He and Champagne are best buddies and love to play. We're so proud of our little boy!

Mama Ginnie and colt Gitane` at 1 day old

Ciroco - White Trakhener - Abdulla Grandson!

Ciroco - Beautiful white (grey) Imported Trakhener Stallion. Grand Prix Jumper and Southern California A-Circuit winner. Rest in Peace buddy. You will forever be in our hearts.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Black Beauty - 6 year old Quarter Horse Gelding. Bomb proof on trail, western and English trained. 

ColdPlay - Holsteiner - Contender x For Pleasure

ColdPlay - Imported 9 year German Holsteiner Stallion - Stunning 17.2 hand black stallion. Contender x For Pleasure. This guy has a HUGE stride, a massive jump and jaw dropping movement. We are so proud to have him as part of our team! He is a new addition to the barn and we are amazed at his talent, eagerness to learn and puppy dog, sweet personality.

Q.C. - Bay Westfalen - Quidam De Revel x Pilot

Q.C. (Quality Control) - German imported Westfalen Stallion. Quidam De Revel x Pilot. This red-bay 8 year old stallion with 4 perfect white socks is a superstar! This guy jumps the moon and makes it look like a walk in the park! Super talented and very green. We can't wait to see his potential unfold! SOLD to Aryanna at San Diego Equestrian Center

Damascus Honour - Secretariat Ganddaughter - SOLD Congratulations to her new owner in Del Mar, CA!