Horse Spa San Diego

Renewing spirit, mind and body through equine interaction

HorseSpa - Escape the Everyday

Training Horse and Rider

Training for horse and rider in beautiful San Diego, California. Enjoy our beach-side training on world class horses.

Classical Dressage training for all levels!

Lessons - Training

Private lessons on beautiful Warmbloods by the ocean.

Building a relationship with an animal is rewarding on so many levels and extends to other parts of life. The trust and loyalty of a large, powerful, and independent animal shows you how important you are to them and what a difference you make. Reconnect with something authentic.
Are you stressed by school? Do you feel overwhelmed by work? Do you wish you had a way to de-stress and relax - without resorting to habits that deplete, rather than renew your resources? 

Horses bring happiness, fulfillment and a sense of control. Equine therapy has long been associated with people who are challenged, physically or mentally.The truth is, EVERYONE benefits from the restorative healing power of horses. After a long stressful week, you can look forward to saddling up and riding to beach, petting and playing with your horse, or working with one of our coaches to improve communication and confidence. Just one session of equine therapy develops increased balance, muscle control, improved concentration, short-term memory, and enhanced confidence.
When dealing with a horse, there is a direct relationship between action and reaction. To handle a horse you must learn to communicate effectively. In mastering this communication you will be filled with a feeling of empowerment. The sometimes unpredictable nature of horses helps you to confront fears and adjust to situations beyond your control.

"Horses react as a mirror to the person who's with them. They need to know they are in good hands. If the handler provides clear leadership, the horse will begin to cooperate. He is always looking for a leader".

Lease a horse - Monthly Riding Packages

Leasing a horse is a great way to learn to ride and an excellent introduction to horse ownership. Choose the number of days per week that you want to ride. 

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